Welcome! Lintons SMART Cafe is excited to offer your school community an engaging cafe dining experience for the upcoming school year.

We are pleased to introduce Lintons Smart Cafe and My School Menus, brought to you by Health-e Pro. The online website combines meal planning, expertise, and nutritional information, for student’s success in and out of the classroom. It provides interactive menus, nutrition information, payment portals, valuable nutrition resources and much more. It’s the convenient real-time information parents, students and staff need, with 24/7 access.
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Lintons SMART Café empowers your school Science, Menus, App, Resources, and Technology. Whether you’re a student, parent, caretaker, or educator, we have the tools to set you up for success!
Nutrition standards are based on the science of food and health. You can be confident when your child dines with us that they are getting information backed by current nutritional science.
Parents, students, staff, and school nurses engage with menus that display product descriptions, nutritional and allergen information, and product photos.
The on-the-go free mobile app makes it easy for students and busy parents to find meals complete with nutritional analysis, unlike traditional paper menus.
We offer the latest tips and information that combine nutrition guidance, advice, and fitness information to
support your student, parents, and staff.
Stay informed with real time updates as menus are changed. All data is synced automatically from our cloud-based platform with your schools current offerings.